How far it is from the movie theater to the car? What can I use as a weapon if someone walks up on me threateningly? Do I need to carry pepper spray? Is it safe to smile at someone without giving them the wrong idea? These are all questions women face countless times. This Saturday, Voices Against Violence will host an event to help the community gain awareness about sexual violence.

Does the Magic Valley Have Enough Red Shoes? 2023 Event

It’s time for ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’. On April 22nd from 11 AM to 2 PM, Twin Falls City Park will be overrun with spiffy red shoes and probable future blisters. It’s always fun to watch people who’ve not had the opportunity to kill their feet in 4-inch stilettos try to walk. This time it’s not just for entertainment.

Voices Against Violence/Canva
Voices Against Violence/Canva

April is sexual assault awareness month and Voices Against Violence is giving us an opportunity to make a difference. Tickets for individuals are $30 and teams of 5 are $125. Sponsorships are still available ranging in amounts from $250 to $2000.

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My husband had an opportunity to participate with a team a few years ago and values this memory still today. The realization of what women face on a daily basis gave him a much broader perspective. He used the lessons he learned that day in raising our now 18-year-old daughter. It has sparked conversations between them that aren't just arguments. Even old dogs like him can learn about heel stickers.

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Take a look and let us know if Google Street View snapped a shot of you in any of these pics.

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