So many times in our lives we have been prescribed medication that we don’t finish. We hold onto them thinking we may need them again. Face it, you haven’t touched that bottle for 2 years. Let it go.

There are bottles and foil packs of over-the-counter medications sitting in the back of the cabinet that have been neglected for ages gathering dust. Don’t save them. The expiration dates are on those labels for a reason. Medications lose their potency over time. Let them go. Yes, your pet’s medication has an expiration date as well.

How Do You Safely Discard Medications In the Magic Valley?

Do not throw them away in the trash, flush them down the toilet, or run them down the kitchen sink. This is a hazard to the environment. There is a better way.

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Coming soon to a location near you, it’s ‘Drug Take Back Day’. On April 22nd from 10 AM to 2 PM, The South Central Public Health District in conjunction with other area agencies is collecting old medications and disposing of them safely. There are plenty of locations in the area participating:

  • Twin Falls: Fred Meyer parking lot, 705 Blue Lakes Blvd. N
  • Twin Falls: Blue Cross office 428 Cheney Dr. W
  • Jerome: Jerome Rec Ctr, 2032 S. Lincoln Ave
  • Gooding: Walker Center, 605 11th Ave E.
  • Burley: Smith’s, 937 E. Main St.
  • Fairfield: Camas County Senior Ctr, 129 Willow Ave W.
  • Hailey: 911 N Main St.

You are not only helping the environment, but it may also prevent misuse by someone you know. Last April’s event netted more than 700,000 pounds from events across the US. Don’t fret if you miss Drug Take Back Day, there are year-round drop-off locations.

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