School starts across the Magic Valley at different times. Here in Twin Falls school starts next Monday August 19th. That means that school zones are back in to effect and more kids, buses and teens will be on the roads. 

It is that time of year where we have to adjust our driving again. During the winter we have to slow down because we have to get used to ice and snow. Well, toward the end of summer and fall we have to make sure that we slow down because it is back to school and school zones are in effect.

It also means that police are going to be monitoring the roads around schools a little bit more. The Twin Falls Police Department even decided to be nice enough to give you a heads up that they will be patrolling for the first little while at back to school.

Keep an extra eye out for little kids who may be walking to school. Make sure you do  not speed through school zones. Please make sure that you have nothing distracting you while you drive, especially in the mornings. Don't do a rolling stop and look twice for bicycles.

The speed limit in school zones is 20 miles per hour. Let's make sure all the kiddos come home safe and sound. No one wants to remember the first day of school in a tragic way. And no one wants to start the beginning of the school year with a ticket either.

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