I'm sure many of you saw this video over the weekend of what is undoubtedly the craziest jump off the Perrine Bridge I've ever seen.

Any jump off the Perrine Bridge is insane to me. I've seen people take the plunge on skateboards, in costumes, from the top of passing trucks, and even on fire, but this raises the bar really high. This 34 second video shared by Barstool Sports was tough to watch.

The video seems to have originated from a person named Reece Cocrane, who might be one of the two dudes in this clip. With the first-ever Wings For Love Word BASE Jump Competition just weeks away, maybe we will see this jump recreated in mid-September.

Twin Falls Production
Barstool Sports (via reese cocrane)

Talk about some serious upper body strength from both of these guys. The thumbs-up just before the drop is classic.

This video is truly amazing.

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