Right now, safe and sane fireworks are legal to shoot off until midnight July 5th. However, there are fireworks that are illegal no matter what and if you shoot them off and get caught, you will get a fine.

Safe and sane fireworks are pretty much the ones you can purchase at any of the fireworks stores around the area. The illegal fireworks include aerials like mortars. If you have fireworks that shoot up into the sky chances are they are illegal.

If you get caught by police shooting off illegal fireworks you will be subject to $156.50 fine and your fireworks can be taken from you. Not only will you be out the money of the fine but also the cost of the fireworks.

The safe and sane fireworks are pretty much anything that stays on the ground. Fountains, sparklers, smoke bombs. Those are all safe to shoot off until midnight on July 5th. You can also shoot off fireworks from December 26th through midnight on January 1st in case you were wondering.

If you shoot off fireworks between the non designated times you are also subject to a fine. Even if you shoot off safe and sane fireworks in August you could get fined and you could have your fireworks taken away from you.

Just be safe out there. Be careful and hopefully we can avoid any wild fires this year.

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