If you own a grill, you might want to start stocking up on meat NOW.  Because your friends and family are counting on you to FEED THEM next week.


According to a new survey in PR Newswire from Weber, 90% of people with a grill end up firing it up on the Fourth of July.  That means there's a nine in 10 chance you're going to be grilling next week.

That makes the Fourth the most popular grilling holiday of the year. Labor Day is second, birthdays are third, Memorial Day is fourth, and Father's Day is fifth.

Hamburgers are the most common item people grill on the 4th, followed by chicken and steak.  Hot dogs were voted the easiest item to grill while chicken is the most difficult.

During the summer, the average person hosts about three barbecues and about one in five people host at least FIVE.