If you don't know who Twin falls Tess is, she is the one, the only, official mascot of Twin Falls. She goes on a ton of adventures around the area and I love living vicariously through her. I have to admit my goal in this whole thing is to finally have a chance to meet her and give her all the belly rubs.

Twin Falls Tess is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen and she has some great tips and tricks on how to live in Twin Falls, the events you should attend and explains why people love living here. Tess even shared information just for dogs on the ultimate dog friendly travel guide. I mean, of course that is something that Tess is passionate about.

Tess likes to go all over the place. She shares pictures from Twin Falls Tonight and all sorts of fun events in the area. If you are really hoping to run in to her like I am, all you really have to do is start going to all the events and you may just spot her. Plus, how can you say no to that cute face?!

I am really starting to think that Tess is my hero. She likes to share opportunities in the area as well from job opportunities, moving opportunities and definitely events. Tess is in the know about all the things happening in Twin Falls.

She even shared her experience in the Downtown Commons splash pad and even followed the rules and didn't go in. Tess is the best mascot.

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