It is a great day for Idaho, a great day for America. Today is the day we celebrate the most beloved of all pastries. Today is Donut Day. Let us show our appreciation for one of the most ‘highly-revered’ pastries in America.

To Love a Pastry, You Must First Understand it, Idaho

Roman and Greek cooks were the first to fry pastry. They could be sweet with honey or savory in fish sauce. Arab cooks picked up the trend and dipped fried blobs in syrup. This fried habit spread to Europe in the 1400s, eventually making its way with the Pilgrims and Dutch to the Americas.

Holes were not always a part of the donut. When cooks added eggs to gain a firmer and richer donut, the center was still raw in the middle. A hole in the middle ensured the fritter was cooked completely through. The first printed recipe is believed to be in the back of an English cookbook from 1803 ‘American recipes’.

Celebrate Donut Day in Twin Falls With a Free Donut

In Twin Falls, we have the honor of the best donut places ever. Here, there is a Duck Donuts offering a free cinnamon sugar donut to each person who comes in. Ath Donuts will give kids a free donut from 10 AM to Noon when parents bring them in. Jim Bob’s is open 6 AM - 11 AM.

Is it Doughnut, or Donut?

I grew up with an English mother. Her parents were a nurse and a doctor in the English Navy. Why does this matter? Because I grew up thinking there must be some difference between doughnuts and donuts. Like maybe the United States had some huge different way of making this hand-held pastry perfection. No, Americans just like changing the way things are spelled.

Where Does Idaho Go for Their Favorite Donut? What is it?

As we all pause a moment to reflect on our own personal experiences with donuts, it begs the question, what is Idaho’s favorite donut? Here's what the astute folks at MRO Electric found out:

Credit MRO Electric
Credit MRO Electric

Where do we go to get it?

Credit MRO Electric
Credit MRO Electric

Maple Bacon is the favorite flavor and Krispy Kreme is the favorite donut shop, but I don’t think you can get maple bacon at Krispy Kreme. By the way, Krispy Kreme calls them Doughnuts.

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