You hear about these "dream jobs" more and more lately and they are so cool. They seem too good to be true but they are legit. A company will pay one lucky person $2,000 dollars to stay in a 5 star resort for 5 nights. All you have to do is apply.

According to the website they are paying someone to sleep in a fancy resort so they can do some research. The website says they are trying to figure out how someone's environment can effect sleep and sleep is obviously great for quality of life.

The experiment lasts 5 nights and if they choose, they will send you to a different place each night to sleep and try to improve your sleep quality. So it isn't like they are going to feed in noise of a screaming baby all night.

The only thing that you will have to do that could be considered "work" is write an honest report about your sleep and if anything that they did had a positive or negative affect on your sleep. That seems pretty easy if you ask me. Just hang out in a 5 star resort, sleep and get paid.

All expenses are covered too which is nice. If you want to apply you do have to fill out a form, send a head shot and a link to a 60 second introduction video basically saying why you want the job. I think you should like 60 seconds of you in bed sleeping but that's just me.

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