The wizarding world in Harry Potter has filled children everywhere with wonder and made them believe in magic. We thought it would be fun to have Idaho towns as Harry Potter characters and why.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
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Harry Potter - Boise

Whenever someone thinks of Idaho they think of Boise. Some people don't even realize there is anything in Idaho but Boise, and we are ok with that. But that kind of makes Boise the "star" of the state, even if it isn't the best. Quite like Harry in that aspect.

Ron Weasley - Rupert

This one is more of a play on the actor name Rupert who plays Ron. But I would agree that it doesn't get enough credit. It is a really cool little town, people who know it really love and appreciate the town. For some reason I imagine Rupert being a redhead.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Hermione - Kimberly

Another town that doesn't get enough credit where credit is due. The town is brilliant. It is quaint and fun. The people that live there are smart and have kind of the best of both worlds, close enough to town to have everything they need, enough resources in town to enjoy life, and still feel secluded.

Dumbeldore - Twin Falls

Twin Falls is really the best in Idaho. Twin Falls lets Boise think it's the most powerful and popular when really, Twin Falls knows what is going on. Twin Falls is ok with people not being around, Twin Falls is loyal and kind to those we love.

The Malfoys - Sun Vally/Ketchum

The entire Sun Valley, Ketchum area is the Malfoys. They are wealthy, they are beautiful, and they have high expectations. You have to have money to live in the area but everyone respects it. It is a great place to find beauty in purity in nature.

Fred And George Weasley - Gooding and Wendell

I won't say they look identical, but it is pretty close. People get them mixed up all the time, except those who are super familiar with the area. It is a super fun area and full of surprises. Definitely worth exploring.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Hagrid - Burley

I mean, Hagrid is a pretty Burley man. He is also super lovable. Hagrid is endearing and does his own thing and cares about people. The people in Burley are the same way. Plus the town is bigger than it feels and lovable.

Snape - Jerome

Sometimes Jerome gets a bad reputation but honestly, it is a wonderful place. There is a ton of stuff to do there, it is very similar to Twin Falls just not on as big of a scale. Deep down, it's pretty awesome.

Luna Lovegood - Hagerman

It is a beautiful area that is also kind of quirky. There are so many different things going on in such a small area. Between hot springs, rock hunting, fossil fields, kayaking opportunities, and history, it has so much going on.

Seamus Finnigan - Mountain Home

It is a running joke that Seamus is the one who keeps blowing things up, most of the time by accident. Mountain Home says they don't blow things up and they aren't part of those mysterious booms.

Neville Longbottom - South Hills

Everyone loves Neville. Neville loves nature and plants. He would love the South Hills because it was everything he wants to explore. All the different foliage and wildlife and beauty. That is Neville to a T.

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