Idaho State Police stated in a news release that they will be sending out extra patrols for the state to look for impaired drivers.

Fourth of July is a popular drinking holiday and that can lead to more drunk drivers on the road. According to the press release, Fourth of July can be one of the deadliest holidays each year. Last year in Idaho there were 36 crashes due to drunk or drug driving resulting in 46 injuries and 4 deaths.

ISP will have extra patrols through July 7th to try to catch and prevent impaired drivers from being on the road and causing accidents. If you do plan on drinking make sure you have a designated driver or you call a taxi, Uber or other ride sharing service.

The news release also mentioned that impaired driving is not just alcohol. Drug use and driving including prescription medication can interfere with driving. Even some over the counter drugs can cause issues.

Steps to make sure no one drives impaired is to make sure you have a designated driver, be a guest and stay the night wherever you are and follow directions of all prescription or over the counter medications.

For more information about the news release that was sent out by the Idaho STate Police Department you can click here.

Have a safe and happy holiday. Let's make sure everyone gets home safely to their families.

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