If you were thinking of leaving Twin Falls for the solar eclipse, you may want to reconsider. The hotels are booked and even worse, doomsday predictors are fearing the worst, and the stores are out of bananas. BANANAS. Oh, the humanity!!

According to the East Idaho News, stores in Idaho Falls are running out of many things including, fresh produce, bread, milk, and of course, beer. I grew up in Colorado, and this type of thing would happen before big winter storms; pretty normal behavior, honestly. What I’m not fully understanding is why this eclipse is such a big deal. It’s not even going to last that long. Banana shortages aside, let's go over some eclipse basics; Please be safe this weekend and don’t do anything stupid during the eclipse. Here is a quick Q&A with ITD regarding eclipse traffic.

Also, I can’t believe we have to say this, but don’t stare at the sun. Here is how you can check to see if your eclipse glasses are safe. Finally, you can't enjoy the eclipse without this gem.

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