We all know Idaho is a great place to live and a great place to vacation. It is also apparently a great place to get away when you are going through a breakup that is garnishing national attention. Kim Kardashian was spotted in Idaho for a few days for a break-up getaway.

Kim Kardashian left Kanye West and started dating Pete Davidson, a comedian. Yes, I do slightly hate myself for knowing all of these things. But somehow I do. Anyway, as we continue, it looks like after the breakup Kim decided to come to Idaho and relax and unwind.

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I came across some of the photos on Instagram, again, I don't really know why her photos are popping up on my Instagram, but whatever. It looks like she had a wonderful time with her daughter, North. They were relaxing on a lake in Coeur d'Alene on a boat, on the beach, and even doing a little bit of zip lining. That looked fun, but also horrifying.

To be fair, if I was going through a breakup that was getting national attention and had an ex like Kanye who has been relentless, I would escape to some remote place in Idaho as well. No cell phone service, beautiful nature, lots of fun things to do, and it makes you a little harder to find. I obviously don't have millions of dollars to do that, so I would have to be ok with the South Hills or something.

I am also a little ashamed to say that I really hope Pete Davidson wins Kim back. Don't judge me.

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