California is known to be one of the states that many want to live in. It is a dream of many to live near the beach, and the mountains, to pursue an acting career or fame, and California is a place where you can pursue all of those. There is plenty of pull to the West Coast, with perfect weather, mountains and beaches, theme parks, and plenty to do. There are also plenty of reasons to avoid living in the Golden State like traffic, costs, and people. Living in California could be great, but visiting for a week or two is the better way to go while living elsewhere.

Pros and Cons of Living in California

Credit: Tim Foster on Unsplash
Credit: Tim Foster on Unsplash

Living in California may sound great, but it isn't all that it is cracked up to be. While there are pros, there are many cons. I lived in California for a short time, and there is a reason I moved back out. The traffic is horrendous. You will spend more time getting to and from places than you will inside stores. Getting to and from work will take you far longer than you would want. The people are rude, stressed, and on the go constantly. Everything is expensive. My one-bedroom apartment was more than double what my mortgage was on my house. The beach may sound great, but odds are you have to work multiple jobs to pay rent, giving you little time to enjoy the beach you live near. There are pros, such as not being bored on days off. There are sporting events, the beach, the mountains, and Disneyland. With the weather, you can enjoy being outside all year, which makes it great for walks, running, or lounging by the pool. 

Why Visiting California is Worth It

Credit: CelsoDiniz
Credit: CelsoDiniz

If you have a desire to spend time in California, instead of moving there, take an extended trip instead. As stated above, it is expensive to live there and you are often too busy to enjoy the fun things to do. This is why the best plan is to live elsewhere, in a cheaper place, so you can save up money and enjoy an extended vacation to California. This way you don't have work taking up time and can spend full days at the beach, the theme parks, sightseeing, and having fun elsewhere. You can enjoy the positives of the state, without having to deal with the negatives long-term. You will still have to deal with people and traffic, and likely your activities will be costly, but when your trip is over you can go home, and live cheaper, in a less crowded area, and have more free time. 

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Some people have no desire to ever go to California, and it is justified. The state isn't for everyone and if you don't like big crowds, you won't enjoy it. For those that dream of days on the beach, plenty of sunshine, and nice weather, it is worth visiting, There are some historic landmarks to see, and a little bit of something for everyone. It is much more enjoyable and special to go once a year or every so often, than it is to live in every day. There is a reason many of the residents are moving to out and specifically to Idaho.

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