What would you do? What would you do if you had vacation time to use this winter or summer and had to decide between hitting the slopes, or hanging out on a warm sandy beach? Some people are mountain people and enjoy the fresh and chill mountain air, and others are beach people and enjoy the waves crashing, the warm water, and drinks on the beach. Some hate the mountains, because they aren't into hiking, skiing, or snowboarding, and want to be as far away from the cold as possible., Some hate the beach because they can't stand the sun, the sand, and the people. When it comes to choosing how to vacation, what would you do?

Mountain Vacation in Idaho

Credit: David De Loss:
Credit: David De Loss:

Living in Idaho, there are plenty of mountains nearby, but how often do you make it to them? Some people may go months or even years without visiting them, and it can be a nice time to escape routine and get to the mountains. Something is calming about sitting in a warm cabin by the fire on a winter night, or perhaps you are someone who wants to be on the slopes all day skiing or snowboarding. The mountains can also be fun in the summer, to help escape the heat and to enjoy some hiking and exploring. Being in Idaho, many may assume that the mountains are what most prefer, but since they are close, you might be tired of them. Perhaps you don't do well at higher elevations, don't know how to ski or snowboard, don't like hiking, or hate the cold. If any of these are true, you may not enjoy the mountains.

Beach Vacation Away From Idaho

Credit: Sean Oulashin on Unsplash
Credit: Sean Oulashin on Unsplash

With such long winters in Idaho, escaping to a warm beach might be what you need to relax and forget about work. You can work on your tan, snorkel, build sand castles, and explore someplace that is warmer and far away from Idaho. You can get outside, try some fresh seafood, and enjoy things that aren't available to you back home. If you don't do well in the sun, hate sand, can't swim, or are afraid of the water, you might not enjoy the beach so much. Perhaps, the thought of getting to your beach destination gives you anxiety or is too costly, then the beach may not be for you. Which trip is the best way to go?

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It ultimately comes down to what your preference is, what your budget is, and what the family decides. There are pros and cons to both, and maybe it is best to go mountains one year and the beach the next. If you were to take a vacation sometime this following year and you had to decide on mountains or beaches, what would you do?

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