Driving in the Magic Valley isn't nearly as bad as other places. There is less traffic than in major cities, there aren't too many curves, unless in the South Hills, and it is usually typically open viewing when driving. There do appear to be far too many accidents these days, which is a concern, but as long as you are a defensive driver and are smart, hopefully, you can avoid them. There isn't too much to be afraid of when it comes to driving in the area other than speed on the interstate and perhaps the fear of hitting a wild animal. This time of year though, there is one more element that adds to making driving scary, and that is snow and ice. When it comes to driving on snow and ice in the Magic Valley, what is the best advice to follow and what are the safest ways to make it to your destination?

Driving During a Snowstorm in Idaho

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The snow has already hit a couple times this season, and it has made the roads a little slick. On Friday night, there was a snowstorm that hit, which made it nearly impossible to see the roads, hard to control your car, and a scary drive for anyone on the road, especially heading down Pole Line, onto Highway 93 around 7 PM that night. My wife and I were unable to see more than two car lengths in front of us, people were sliding, stopping on the side of the road, and it was tough to know if you were moving. I have driven in snow storms many times, but nothing like this one. We learned a few things that night, and it helped us feel a little more safe and prepared for the future. 

Advice for Driving in Snowstorms in the Magic Valley


While driving through the snowstorm, it was tough to see cars in front of or behind you, but the car in front of me smartly turned on their hazard lights, which made sense to me. It alerts cars you are there, but also lets the car behind you know you are inching along, and there is potential they could stop, slide, or get stuck. While not many followed them, I turned mine on, and it helped me feel more seen and safe. This is wise to do in this situation. If the snow continues to come down and you are unable to see, pull over to the side, but make sure to leave your hazards and lights on, so other vehicles can see you. Go slow, and accept the fact you are not going to be able to get to your destination quickly. It is best to make it safe than quickly. Do not stop in the middle of the road. This will lead cars to have to swerve around you or stop themselves, and getting started up again is not easy. Do not stop going up hills. If you are going up an incline, you must commit to it, or you won't make it. 

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These types of snowfalls are rare, but they do happen and it is best to be prepared. The number one thing is do not panic. Stay calm, and be smart behind the wheel, and you will remain safe and get to your destination. Panic, or make dumb or selfish decisions, and you might not ever get to where you are headed. The best advice is to stay off the road if possible during these storms, and then it isn't a worry.

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