Apparently, the pronunciation of the word "caramel" is tearing the country apart.  According to a new survey, 57% of Americans pronounce it "car-a-mel," with the strongest supporters in the Atlantic and East Coast regions.  43% say "car-mel," with the most support in the Midwest and West Coast. 

What's interesting is that I say it with the "a" while Jackie leaves it silent.

The regional stuff seems to make sense.  Jackie was born and raised in Idaho.  And while I've spent most of my life in the West, I was born in Wisconsin and spent my early grade school years in Florida.

Webster's lists both as acceptable pronunciations but our calls also seem to reflect the regional trend.  With two exceptions, all of you say "car-mel" with NO emphasis on the 'a.'

Check out some of the calls from the morning show:

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How do you say it?