LADY ANTEBELLUM'S HILLARY SCOTT has only been married a few months but people are already asking when she plans to start popping out little ones.  Fortunately, she doesn't mind the question . . . because she's looking forward to it.

She says, quote, "I can't wait, one day.  We're on tour right now and we're touring so heavily through the end of June and then going over to Europe in July.

"So we're really busy so there's not much time for that yet, but definitely in the near future.  I can't wait to be a mom."

Interesting Fact:  Did you know there's an adult film actress named Hillary Scott?  I happened to notice it while Googling her name.  At least that's what I told my wife.  Anyway, I bet someone in your audience has the same name as an adult film star.

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