We all dread the weather when it turns icy. Options for outdoor activities that don’t include skis, snowshoes, sleds, or tubes are limited once the snow falls in earnest. Why not get out while the weather is so agreeable?

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There are some excellent trails nearby to get in a few extra steps before you have to wear ice cleats to go anywhere. If you have a dog, throw them in the cute sweater, grab some poop bags and get going.

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If you’re looking for an easy walk, consider these locations:

  • Clyde Thomsen Loop - This little stroll is great for families. It’s a paved 15-minute walk perfect for wheelchairs and strollers with a playground to boot.
  • Old Towne Rock Creek Parkway - This paved walk takes people through the Twin Falls along Rock Creek. There are plenty of benches to sit on and picnic spots to enjoy.
  • Snake River Canyon Rim Trail - Our little buddy is a bit over 12 miles long. This does not have to be taken all in one shot. Enjoy the paved walkways and wonderful views.
  • CSI Fitness Trail - Plenty of chances to smile and wave on this popular walk. The loop is over a mile and has fitness options all along the way for an extra workout.

For a bit of a moderate hike, try these trails:

  • Auger Falls Park Loop - It’s a 4-mile loop that will take about an hour and a half. There are chances to encounter some wildlife in quieter moments, so keep an eye or leash on the pups.
  • Perrine Coulee Falls - Try a trip to see some falls. It’s a 2-mile easy hike and you may want to avoid getting wet as the temperatures are dipping.
  • Pillar Falls Trail - This one can be steep, but the hike isn’t too tough, about a mile and a half.
  • Dierkes Lake Trail - A short trip past Dierkes and Hidden Lakes, there are a few stairs and some boulders to crawl around.
  • Mogensen Trail - Hike with the family for a couple of miles and pass directly under the Perrine Bridge
Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Take A Hike Day is November 16th. Celebrate and get moving outside while you still can. Who knows when going for a walk will take booties and a jacket for the pooch and thermal underwear for you.

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