On September 7th of this year, a young Twin Falls boy passed away in a tragic ATV accident. Blake was a super fan of professional basketball Stephen Curry for the Golden State Warriors. Now his family, in his memory, is trying to get in touch with him.

Apparently Blake has a Golden State Warrior outfit and he wore it everywhere. In fact, the family buried Blake in that outfit. And Blake loved Stephen Curry so much, he named his dog Curry after the star player. His casket was draped with a Golden State Warrior flag.


Kori Gartner

I know how influential so many professional athletes, loved ones and, as a kid, famous people were for me. As an adult, I have to admit I let professional athletes influence me and I follow them, probably more than I should.

If you, someone you know or your friend's brother's cousin's best friend somehow knows or is in contact with Stephen Curry, maybe we can reach him. I know the family would much appreciate the community's efforts.

Kori Gartner

Thanks to Blake's sister, Kori Gartner, we were able to start this the circulation of social media in the hopes that Steph Curry may stumble across it.

All of my thoughts and prayers go to this family and Blake's friends as they go through such a tragic time.