Tuesday October 20th you can give back to the community and help build bikes for Twin Falls youth who otherwise may not have one. No experience building bikes necessary, big hearts required.

Koto Brewing Company and Can'd Aid have partnered together to build bikes for kids in Twin Falls. Head down to Koto Brewing Company in Downtown Twin Falls on October 20th from 3 p.m. through 6 p.m. and help get kids their first bike.

All the supplies are provided by Can'd Aid and that includes the tools. So you don't need to bring anything but yourself. The bikes are going to be donated to the entire first and second grade class at Bickel Elementary which is pretty epic. You do have to register and sign up for a time slot because they are trying to practice social distancing and ask people to stay 6 feet apart.

One thing I regret from my childhood was not really learning how to ride a bike, I can stay up on one but I am by no means prolific at it. I can't jump on curbs or, honestly, even turn very well. Help kids not turn out like me, a 30 year old who can't ride a bike except in a straight line. Kids riding a bike is like their first taste of freedom to go places. Bravo to these two companies helping out some kiddos.

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