This seems perfectly in line with the rest of the pandemic: a company has a full time job opening for candy taste testers. Why wouldn't there be this kind of temptation less than a month after we have all made our new year's resolutions to be more healthy? You could choose to stick to your healthy resolutions or you could choose to live life on the edge and eat your frozen Hot Pockets and buckets of candy. If you choose the latter mentioned lifestyle, check out the job listing from Canada's Candy Funhouse. The Indeed job description states they are looking for a 'Candyologist'.

Interested candyologists can live in Canada or the United States, all you really need is a love of candy and no food allergies. If you opt for the full-time position, the pay is $30 an hour while the part-time position can be performed from anywhere and only requires 15 hours of work a week. The Candy Funhouse company is looking to add 10 new candies to their lineup and these new candyologists will be tasting and judging hundreds of new candy options to help decide which will make the final cut.

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If you are interested, the deadline for application is February 15, 2021. This might be the most delicious side hustle someone from Idaho could ever dream of. So, if you aren't fat enough from the pandemic and want to stretch your waistline, we wish you luck.

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