This is a yearly tradition that I love getting behind every single year. Ooh La La Boutique in Twin Falls offers teenage girls prom dresses for free so they can attend prom without the financial distress on them or their parents.

Liyah Babayan runs Ooh La La Boutique and every year she offers to let teen girls who could not otherwise afford a prom dress, come in, try some on, and attend prom feeling like a million dollars. Any parent who may not be able to purchase a prom dress doesn't have to be a financial burden. Seriously, dresses cost so much money and they are only going to wear them once, maybe twice.

At Ooh La La year round you can actually get a discount for good grades kiddos! If you bring in a report card you get $10 off for every "A" you have and $5 off for every "B". You could get a pretty awesome dress if you have straight As.

I remember my parents actually saving up a bunch of money to purchase prom dresses for me and my sisters. Looking back I am not sure I actually thanked them enough for all the hard work and help they gave me. I would have totally taken advantage of this opportunity if I had the chance.

You can always give her a call or visit the shop on Main Street in Downtown Twin Falls.

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