The one day of the year where you won't need a license to fish Idaho waters is coming this weekend.

Saturday, June 12, is Free Fishing Day in the state. It falls on the second Saturday of June annually. Idaho Fish and Game is touting the day as a great opportunity for those who don't know how to fish to learn how. No license will be required on Saturday to fish on Idaho waters.

Idaho Fish and Game also acknowledged the fact that state workers and volunteers will be setting up activities at random fishing sites in honor of Free Fishing Day. Brining your own gear is suggested, as most lakes and Idaho fishing sites that do rent poles, tackle, reels and other equipment to the public, only stock a limited amount.

Idaho fishing season is a great time of year for many. For rules, and other information pertaining to fishing Idaho waters, click here. For future fishing, Idaho licenses can be obtained by phone by clicking here.

The Fish and Game website also has a list of family-friendly fishing spots throughout Idaho. For family-friendly events taking place in the Magic Valley over the weekend, click here. Over 30,000 rainbow trout are currently being stocked throughout Magic Valley fishing spots in the month of June.

We hope you get the opportunity to enjoy Saturday's Free Fishing Day in Idaho, which again takes place every year on the second Saturday of the month of June. Good luck reeling one in!

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