The XFL, otherwise known as the Extreme Football League, debuted in 2001 and lasted only one year at the time. It is officially coming back and it is going to curb that football withdrawal you get after the Super Bowl.

I shamelessly admit that I had season tickets to the Las Vegas Outlaws XFL team in 2001 and went to every home game I could. This time around there will be 8 teams, each team will  have a 40 man roster and some of the rules are going to be quite different that the NFL or college football.

The owner Vince McMahon (yes, the same Vince McMahon that runs fake wrestling) has set it up to where all the XFL teams are owned by the XFL, no individual owners. There will be no politics allowed at all and no one with a criminal record will be allowed to play.

The games are going to be faster as well. The clock will run continuously only stopping during change of possession and during the two minute drill. The play clock will only be 25 seconds as well. If there is a tie and a need for overtime, there will be a shootout style overtime. Each team will have a chance to make a single play into the end zone from the 5 yard line. Each success is a point and each team will have 5 chances to do so.

One of the biggest rule differences is the points scored. There will be do point after kick attempt. Instead teams after they score a touchdown can attempt a score from the 2 yard line for 1 point, 5 yard line for 2 points and 10 yard line for 3 points.

The season is going to start the weekend after the Super Bowl and run until April. That is even less time you have to go without football.

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