American’s love to sample food from new places, and every city or area has a food they’re associated with. From Coney Island’s famous hot dogs to San Francisco’s Sushi, every town has a food that’s just better there. If you’re new to the area, or a long time local, we’ve compiled a list of the top five food staples in Twin Falls that you have to try!

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    Milkshake from Shake OUT

    1186 Kimberly Road, Twin Falls

    The Shake OUT boasts one of our favorite milkshakes. Made from fresh ingredients, the Shake OUT even offers seasonal favorites like a mint green shake for St. Patrick’s Day.

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    Lasagna from Maxie’s Pizza

    170 Blue Lakes Blvd, Twin Falls

    Maxie’s is a trusted local favorite and their Homemade Stuffed Lasagna is second to none. This amazing meal is broad noodles alternated with layers of blended cheeses and Maxie’s time tested meat sauce.

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    All-You-Can-Eat Pizza from Gertie’s Brick Over Cookery

    602 2nd Ave S., Twin Falls

    Gertie’s Brick Over Cookery promises a fun and affordable experience in Twin Falls’ historic downtown. Built inside a converted 1926 warehouse, they feature our famous all-u-can-eat pizza, pasta, and salad bar served table side hot and by the slice.

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    Enchiladas from La Casita

    111 S. Park Ave. W., Twin Falls

    One of the first truly local experiences I had after moving to Twin Falls was eating at La Casita. I love their food, the atmosphere, and the memories I have there. Locals agree that the amazing enchiladas and generous portions are what sets La Casita above the rest.

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    Depot Burger from the Depot Grill

    545 Shoshone Street S., Twin Falls

    Locally owned and operated in Twin Falls since 1927, the Depot Grill is a staple of Twin Falls dining. They feature one of the tastiest plates of biscuits and gravy, but by far my personal favorite is the Depot Burger that features two types of cheese and a generous helping of fries.


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