If you have an elementary age child you probably are the proud owner of a few fidget spinners. Fidget spinners have become widely popular among Magic Valley kids.

The spinners were created with the goal of helping children who fidget or have anxiety while learning. They were original made in the 1990's but have increased very quickly in popularity.

Therapy Shoppe claims that toys like fidget spinners can be effective tools for kids to self regulate, stay calm, focus, decrease stress, and increase tactile awareness of fingers/hands.

Parents that have children who struggle focusing in school will try just about anything to help their children learn. Teachers on the other hand seem to consider toys like fidget spinners a distraction in classrooms.

I've spoke to a few Twin Falls teachers about fidget spinners. They agreed that the spinners can be used at home while doing homework but need to be kept in backpacks during school hours. However, Wikipedia reported that some special needs teachers have suggested that the spinners have helped calm kids down that struggle with autism.

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