Read the news and you may forget for a moment that we are still in a pandemic. Many people are disregarding stay-at-home or social distance measures. I've seen references that as a society we have decide that the pandemic is over. We are sick and tired of staying home and being scared of a virus, so we pretend it isn't an issue anymore. There are still those who are making daily efforts to not get sick. Wearing masks in public and not participating in large group activities is a lifestyle for many still. Then, you have the group which is a mix of both. On Facebook thousands of people have decided to pretend in online groups that there isn't a pandemic happening.

It isn't just one group doing this type of socially distant role playing. I haven't joined any of the groups because I'm not that bored, yet, but the Atlantic has some good info on each of the most popular groups. In the largest group, every member pretends to be an ant and your sole purpose is to worship the queen ant and do other ant stuff. Sounds crazy, but that group has almost two million members. Sorry, that 'colony' has nearly two million members.

See, playing your part and staying in character is key to theses groups. For the ants you aren't a group, you are a colony. For me, the most fun of the groups would be the one where all you post is excuses for being late or not showing up to an event. You can't blame the pandemic, since this is imaginary land where that doesn't exist, so people just post ridiculous excuses and others comment below their acceptance of the excuse.

I feel like the pandemic is molding our society into something weird. Another Facebook group is full of people pretending to be at the same venue listening to music, eating, and drinking together. If you thought getting hit on at concerts or the bar was awkward, wait until it happens in a fake Facebook group situation.

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