I like Facebook...it helps me keep up with out of town family members and it provides hours of mindless entertainment while I am waiting in a doctors office. Maybe it's time to give up Facebook.  Based on the studies from AFP, SMOKING might actually be healthier for you than Facebook is.

 Last week, a study found the more you use Facebook, the more your friends start to HATE YOU in real life.  And now, another study has found the more you use Facebook, the more YOU start to hate YOURSELF in real life.

Researchers at the University of Michigan found that the more people used Facebook, the worse they felt.  As people used Facebook, they found themselves LESS HAPPY and LESS SATISFIED with life over time.

People DID feel more CONNECTED, but that didn't translate into feeling less lonely.

According to the study, quote, "On the surface, Facebook provides an invaluable resource . . . for social connection.  But rather than enhance well-being, it undermines it." 

The researchers say they're not sure why using Facebook bums people out so much . . . and say it'll take more studies to figure out. 

But based on all the OTHER stuff we've seen, it's supposedly because you're constantly comparing yourself to other people, and feeling inadequate.  ()