Between trying new activities at home during the pandemic and egg shortages due to avian flu, many people tried their hands at raising chickens in their backyards. Now they have become accustomed to, perhaps even dependent on, their fresh eggs.

People living outside of city limits may not feel the pinch, but in Twin Falls, a homeowner can only keep 4 hens without a permit. Depending on family size and how much people in the family eat eggs, 4 hens may not produce enough to keep hobby egg farmers out of the grocery store. What happens when the eggs stop coming?

Why Are Your Chickens Not Laying Eggs This Winter?

The chickens aren’t that old. There is food and water. The coop is clean. What could be the issue? Are they prima donnas and must now have classical music between 25 and 30 decibels, fresh vegetables, and dried mealworm snack-ems between morning and afternoon feedings?

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

It could be the fact that chickens hate winter. It’s not enough to knit them little chicken sweaters and take them for walks.

They demand more than fresh food, water, and a coop if you want to have uninterrupted morning frittatas. The temperamental cluckers require a warm bed and more light should you expect consistent egg production.

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Maybe it isn’t too much to ask. They tolerate the invasion of their nests every morning. The least we could do is provide a sunny and warm place for their precious butt nuggets.

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