For the first time since 2013, that annual day to skip stopping at your local market, gas station, or liquor store for alcohol, will be practiced once again by many Americans. To completely screw with your mind's ability to avoid temptation, September 14, 2019, happens to fall on a Saturday.

First of all, for those that have a good run of sobriety going--I don't care if it was a personal choice, maybe you're doing a liver detox, perhaps it's that device in your car that renders your engine useless if there's alcohol in your system, or maybe your taking something like Disulfiram, and don't want to projectile vomit on friends and family if you drink--I applaud anyone who is keeping themselves sober, for whatever the reason.

National Sober Day is September 14. This is not intended to guilt-trip anyone into drinking because it's a Saturday. I am curious though to know how many people in the Magic Valley even have these made-up holidays in the back of their minds when they do come. For most, they will go about drinking their normal amount of booze, wine or beer.

Now I'm no raging, wake-up-in-the-neighbor's-treehouse kind of drinker, but I'm guessing I'll have a couple of beers on Saturday, especially with what could be one of the last 80 plus degree days of the summer. Saturday is just the day I think it's safe to say most people find time to partake.

On the "Likely to not drink on a Saturday scale," (ten being no chance in hell I'm not having a single alcoholic beverage), I'm just curious what your comfort number is.

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