It doesn't matter where you live, most people will complain about traffic or driving in some form. Either there are too many potholes, too many people, somebody not using a turn signal, too many slow cars, too many fast cars, somebody cutting you off, or some other problem to complain about. Being a driver is like being Goldie Locks. There needs to be nobody on the road and unless everyone drives exactly like you, it is wrong, but if drivers follow your rules, then it is just right. While many of us will continue to complain when we are behind the wheel, we might be wasting our breath and not have much to complain about. How does driving in Idaho compare to other states in the country and what states are the best and worst to drive in?

The Best and Worst States to Drive In

Bad Driving Behavior: Cities with the Rudest Drivers

A recent study was released by WalletHub ranking the states in the country from best to drive to the worst to drive in. They used categories such as cost of ownership and maintenance, traffic and infrastructure, safety, and access to vehicles and maintenance. Using these criteria, it was determined that Iowa is the best state to drive in, followed by Georgia in second, and Ohio rounding out the top three. The worst state to drive in is Hawaii, with Washington the second worst and Delaware rounding out the bottom three.

Is Driving in Idaho Bad or Good?

Credit: averie woodard on Unsplash
Credit: averie woodard on Unsplash

While many of us may complain about driving in Idaho, compared to other states, it isn't that bad. Idaho barely misses the top five, coming in as the sixth-best state to drive in. Idaho ranks 24 in ownership and maintenance, 2 in traffic and infrastructure, 13 in safety, and 42 in access to vehicle and maintenance. Being second in traffic isn't a surprise, as driving through the state is relatively easy to navigate, as long as the roads are good and there is no construction or wreckage. The lack of access to maintenance is a little alarming but makes sense given all the natural open land in the state, which I am sure residents would rather have than towns for car maintenance. One other good stat working in Idaho's favor is that the Gem State ranks fourth lowest in car theft rate. 

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While the fact Idaho is one of the top ten states to drive in won't stop anyone from complaining when behind the wheel, it should at least allow some of us to be grateful we don't live in the other 44 states that are worse. Out of this list, the most important part to most will be that second-place ranking in traffic, and as long as that number doesn't go higher than two, then most of us can live with driving around here. To see the full list broken down, make sure to click on the link above. 

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