Twin Falls traffic, in the grand scheme of things, is not that bad. That being said, there are still roads you should not try to turn left on or try to cross all the lanes of traffic. Well, not unless you want to get stuck there forever.

Here are some of the roads that you should never try to cross or turn left on


  • 1

    Blue Lakes

    Pretty much anywhere on Blue Lakes. If you are trying to turn left and cross two lanes of traffic plus the center lane, that is just a bad idea. It is possible, just not very often. You are going to get stuck there for a while and really irritate the people behind you.

  • 2

    Canyon Springs Road at Blue Lakes

    People try to go all the way across and get into Red Robin here all the time and it is not easy. Turning left isn't easy let alone crossing the 5 lanes plus the turn lanes without getting smashed.

  • 3

    Poleline not at a light

    If you try to jet across Poleline without sitting at a traffic light it is going to be a tough road. Not only are there tons of medians so the options are few and far between, but the traffic and speed is all thrown off. You never really know how fast someone is going, it is either 30 or 5000 miles per hour.

  • 4

    Main Street onto Shoshone

    That can be a pain in the rear. Between crosswalks, narrow lanes, the traffic lights not really syncing up, turning left onto Shoshone from Main is tough. I usually go around the block.

  • 5

    Bridgeview from the shopping centers

    If you are trying to turn left from the mall onto Bridgeview it gets dicey. With traffic coming in from Blue Lakes and that weird curve it gets hard to see. Plus there are people turning right, turning left, going straight, all from different lanes. I hate that area.

  • 6

    Addison near Smith's

    Especially around 5 pm this left turn or straight cross at Sunrise or Morningside is a pain. People who don't use blinkers don't help much either. Coming out of Smith's and taking a left is so har because of that center turn lane as well.

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