Last year I learned how to stop worrying and cut the cable, and have never looked back. I utilize two Roku media streamers and a computer running Plex to serve all the TVs in my house with television shows and movies and I love it.

But when it comes to streaming media, there are many, many choices. The top two are Roku and the Apple TV, but recently News Corp and British Sky Broadcasting may have just shifted the balance of power.

News Corp (Fox) and Sky Broadcasting just dropped $45 million dollars into Roku. What does that mean for the future of the little purple and black box? No one's certain, but with two major content distributors backing the company now, things may change.

I think Apple is the dominant player in the game, as the Apple TV is a great device and it interacts with all iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, but Roku is by far the better consumer experience. It's easy, classy, and everything from Netflix to Hulu+ runs fantastically on the Roku. In fact, the Roku is so easy to use that my 3 year old Jack has one in his room and can run it with no assistance.

And the beautiful thing about a media streamer is that it's truly media on demand. It's TV and movies when you want them. I love that about my Roku. Want to watch the latest 'Doctor Who'? Do it. How about 'The Dark Knight' on Plex? Okay! Maybe an all day 'Hell's Kitchen' marathon? Bring on the Ramsay!

This is the future. Stop worrying and cut the cable.