A few weeks ago I taught you how to stop worrying and cut the cable and only pay $7.99 a month for television. I found a way to make that even better. It's called Plex, and if you have a Roku (like I do) you'll love it.

Plex is basically a media server for all of your movies, music, television shows, and photos, but it does much, much, much more than that as well. And the best part? Plex is totally FREE.

Yesterday, after a lengthy beta testing period, Plex released an official channel for the Roku player. This means you can go straight to the channel store on your Roku desktop and install Plex without having to get an invite or installing a private channel (like I had to do) for free.

In order to run Plex you have to set up a Plex Media Server. This is where all of yur local media can be found. Since I was already an avid iTunes user, all I had to do was install the Media Server, local the media files on my external hard drive, and I was done. It literally took me fifteen minutes to install and configure my server. Once that was done Plex sorted my media, found the appropriate cover images, and metadata like titles, actors, directors, and other fun details over a period of about twelve hours. Not a big deal as you can start watching your media before the library update is done.

Plex also offers an app for your iPhone and iPad that allows you to watch any media in your library on your iOS device. So worth the $4.99.

I'm not going to lie. This isn't as user friendly as setting up Netflix on your Roku. This requires you to be a little more tech savvy, but the reward is so worth it.