Do you plan on grilling this Memorial Day Weekend? For my family and I, it wouldn’t be Memorial Day weekend without a small barbecue. If you are a master griller, make sure you aren’t making theses mistakes when grilling.

  1. You Add Sauce Too Early - Your sauce needs to be out on the meat directly before serving it.
  2. Not Turning Down The Heat After You Sear The Meat - Searing both sides of red meat is absolutely necessary while grilling but if you don't
  3. Over Marinating Chicken - Over marinated chicken can become mushy chicken. Only marinate chicken for 4 to 6 hours.
  4. Cross Contamination - If you marinate your raw meat don't re-use the marinade on your cooked meat. The marinade contains raw juice from your meat that can be contaminated.
  5. You Don’t Pre- Heat the Grill - If you throw on your burgers before your grill is hot enough, they’ll stick to the grates. You won’t get those nice, dark grid marks, and you might end up overcooking your meat in the pursuit of a good sear.

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