A new ice cream shop is up and running in Twin Falls and it looks absolutely phenomenal. Rolled ice cream is a concept that I am new to, but I am so ready to give it a try. I am ready to eat all the ice cream.

The shop My Ice Cream Roll is located on Filer Ave at 1301 in the Lynnwood shopping center. They are open from 11 am until 8 pm Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday. They have some amazing looking rolls of ice cream with lots of different toppings.

On their Facebook page they show pictures of some of their fresh fruit that you can get on top of you ice cream like strawberries, blueberries and more. It also looks like they have different cookie crumble toppings and even some gummy worms. The inner child in me is ecstatic.

They have started sharing videos of how they make rolled ice cream and it is fascinating. It is almost like getting a treat and a show.

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I love that there is a great ice cream place that does something unique and is local. I am not a huge go out and get ice cream fan, but this has to be the exception. There have been some reports of people getting lost when they put it in a GPS but they are located by Hudson Shoes you can't miss them. You will probably find me there the next time you go in to check it out. I am so excited.

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