Earlier this year the internet brought something very important about goats to our attention. When the can-eating animals scream they sound an awful lot like a person who has either witnessed a great horror or suffered a devastating injury.

But since it's a goat, and there doesn't necessarily have to be anything wrong with the animal when it aggressively exercises its vocal chords, it's much more mesmerizing and funny than horrific.

Which is why police in Putnam County, Tennessee probably had a good chuckle after they responded to call of a man crying for help last week.

Apparently the yells were so loud the dispatcher could hear them. And when the cops arrived on the scene they too were overwhelmed by the desperate cries. But when they searched the area they found a goat doing the human-like scream thing. "I located a goat that had gotten tangled up in the woods behind that residence," read the police report.

According to the county this isn't the first time law enforcement has been dispatched for what turned out to be braying goat.

Which is why it's probably best to listen to the latest screaming goat video with your headphones.

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