Treasure seekers in Idaho can now hunt for a box that contains $2,000 and other prizes and is reportedly hidden east of Twin Falls between Pocatello and Island Park.

A real treasure hunt is underway in southeastern Idaho, and Magic Valley residents might not have to travel more than 115 miles or so to locate the stash worth more than $2,200. The Anderson Hicks Group of Idaho Falls created the treasure hunt, according to details shared at Along with $2,000, there is said to be tickets included to destinations such as the Idaho Falls Zoo, the local race track, and the Museum of Idaho, according to

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This story reminds me a lot of the Forrest Fenn treasure that was hidden decades ago by an Arizona millionaire and found by a man in 2020, and contained several hundred thousand dollars worth of rare artifacts and jewels.

The Anderson Hicks Group is apparently going to be updating its social media followers with clues as to where the stash can be located, according to With the economy being as it is and gas prices through the roof, this cash would no doubt be a welcome addition to anyone's bank account.

The treasure site expands some 130 miles north from Pocatello to Island Park, so those clues the company is releasing in the coming days are extremely valuable and will save you lots of time and money narrowing the search.

Good luck to the brave, adventurous Idahoans that will be heading out in search of the loot.

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