Country star Chris Janson put on one heck of a show Saturday night, however, he is getting some backlash and national attention for playing the festival.

According to sources, Janson shared video from the concert on his social media and people started getting upset. Chase Rice also hosted a concert in Tennessee over the weekend, he seems to be getting more attention and backlash than Janson did.

Some other country stars are accusing Chase Rice and Chris Janson of "being selfish" for putting people at risk. Some sources are even saying that even though Chris Janson is getting less backlash than Chase Rice, he technically played to a bigger crowd. Janson also pulled his videos from the concert off his social media.

Gordy Schroeder from Hwy 30 Music Fest sent us a statement, "We at Hwy 30 Music Fest understand the concerns for social distancing. This year's music festival was approved by the powers that be. Hand sanitizing stations have been provided throughout this year's expanded park and we continue to announce from the stage, there is plenty of space for people to spread out if they feel inclined while still being able to listen and celebrate music. Furthermore, medical professionals are on site if needed. We simply hope to provide a positive experience for families and that's what we have done. This year's music festival has been memorable to say the least, as people continue to thank us for helping them feel normal and celebrate our amazing state. Just one reason the gift of music is so powerful."

There were masks and gloves available, there were sanitizing stations on trees. According to the governor stages of reopening, Idaho is in stage 4 where "Gatherings, both public and private of more than 50 people where appropriate physical distancing and precautionary measures are observed can occur"

Chris Janson actually thanked the audience and Gordy for helping us get back to a semblance of normal. The event was approved, permits allowed and there were designated areas for performers only. Several artists actually dropped out last minute because they were not feeling well and wanted to keep the event safe.

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