July 10 (Wednesday) will mark the ninth anniversary of the disappearance of DeOrr Kunz Jr. from an eastern Idaho campground. He was just 2 years old when he vanished. A tarot reader recently spent thirty minutes explaining what signs she has received regarding the tragic case.

DeOrr Kunz Jr. went missing on July 10, 2015, from the Timber Creek Campground near the community of Leodore, which is located 215 miles northeast of Twin Falls. His story has been featured in countless newspaper articles, tabloids, podcasts, and documentaries. His parents and those who were present at the time still maintain their innocence of any wrongdoing to this day.

Words like "sickness," "male energy," and "burden" were all spoken by the reader as she tried to make sense of the process.

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The story that those present at the campsite that day have all confirmed is that DeOrr vanished while in the brief supervision of a family member who remained back at camp while others walked to a nearby body of water. It's completely fathomable that a bear or mountain lion snatched him while no one had eyes on him. I have been following the story since I moved to Idaho in 2016.

I recently came across a video tarot reading that was uploaded on the channel of Healing Truths Tarot. The channel has 258 subscribers. "Thanks so much for covering DeOrr's case," one comment reads.

While tarot readings don't obviously confirm guilt or innocence, there were some interesting things said by the channel's host. Words like "sickness," "male energy," and "burden" were all spoken by the reader as she tried to make sense of the process. Again, these thoughts are the opinion of the reader based on the cards she pulled and in no way implicate anyone in anything.

If DeOrr did fall victim to an animal attack, abduction, or some sort of accident that the family didn't witness, I hope that this case gets solved somehow and someday.

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