Looking to be even more depressed?  Hey, burying our heads in the sand or hiding in the closet as the house burns aren’t solutions.  We’ve been abandoned by many of the people we were told to trust.  Instead, we’re on our own.  This is going to take some grit when it comes to recovery.

Here’s a link to something I read this morning. 

Well beyond any low tide.  Then suddenly it comes roaring in and scours all in its wake.

It’s from a writer named Michael Snyder and he lays out 10 reasons we’re already in a depression.

Many of the figures he cites, which are just jaw-dropping, are enough to make you weep.  It’s clear we haven’t even seen some of the ripples yet but like awaiting a tsunami, it could be a struggle to find high ground.

There is a strange calm before a tsunami strikes.  The water near the beach actually recedes.  Well beyond any low tide.  Then suddenly it comes roaring in and scours all in its wake.  For those of us still working, I think it’s a lot like watching the water roll out.  Many of us are still going to the office and filling a gas tank and buying groceries just like we did in February.  But we aren’t spending on luxuries, vacations or even new clothes.  Because we aren’t confident we’ll find the hill we need for safety.  This only creates a feedback loop and can make things seriously worse.

It’s not a pleasant thought to be entering old age just as this hits.  I don’t run as well as I did just a dozen years ago.  Climbing hills is out and I’m not a great swimmer.  Which means I’m going to learn to float and fast.  Otherwise…

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