Oh, we love this story. It never gets old telling it. Yes, Idaho used planes and parachutes to relocate bothersome beavers. There is even video evidence of the encounter.

I have no idea why I love talking about this so much. Maybe because it sounds completely made up but is 100 percent true. Some professional trappers in Idaho packed beavers into ventilated boxes, placed them on airplanes, put a parachute on the boxes, and threw them out of the airplanes.

The video goes into great detail about exactly what happened, how the beavers were definitely safe and didn't appear bothered by the incident at all. As soon as the boxes pop open the beaver just waddles away and goes on about its life.

The commentary in this video makes it for me. He just sounds so calm, so matter of fact, and explains that the beavers are just fine going on their merry way. I need this guy to narrate my life.

The beavers were apparently a problem and Idaho conservation officers were having a hard time relocating them and keeping them out of danger. The beavers were getting too close to cities and Idaho conservation officers wanted to locate them further into the backwoods to keep them safe.

I am wondering if something like this would have to happen again because I have been hearing rumors of beavers in creeks in Buhl and near Rock Creek Park. I would love to be part of this.

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