Our friends at the Boise Zoo have someone new they’d like you to meet.

This two-year old giraffe named Tafari was transferred from Milwaukee, and no offense but he’s got a much better home in Idaho. KTVB reports that he was transferred in a special trailer, which has me thinking what kind of trailer it could have been. I have to assume it’s taller? Okay, not the point.

Tafari joins the African Plains Exhibit with his new long-necked buddy Jabari. The Boise Zoo was actively searching for another Giraffe after the 11-year-old Julius Longfellow was euthanized this past year. Julius Longfellow is a pretty clever name, even though it doesn’t rhyme with the other two.

Welcome to Boise, Tafari!

Bonus video: This is a baby giraffe at the Denver Zoo named Dobby. He likes to run.

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