Blip Printers in Twin Falls has been open for 35 years and has decided to close their doors. According to their Facebook page their last day open will be November 13th.

The locally owned print shop is located at 214 Blue Lakes Blvd and does print, copy, design, signage, mail, blueprints, large format and more. If you go in before the 13th, you can get your files starting at $10 if you bring in a USB drive.

If you follow their Facebook page you can see some really interesting projects that they have done. From shooting their own pictures to restoring yours, it looks like they do a ton of things. If you want to give them a call they are still helping customers, call 208 734-2558.

They did not specify why they would be closing their doors, just that they would be. They made the announcement on October 30th. If you have used them in the past it might be worth it to go in and get those designs on your USB so you can use it again in the future.

I hate seeing businesses going away and closing their doors. I imagine 2020 has been hard for Blip Printers like it has been hard on most businesses. We wish them all the luck in the world for their future endeavors. It is always sad to see a business that has been around so long close up shop.

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