Blake Shelton brings breezy beats and a laid-back vibe with his new song, "At the House." The singer released the track just days before the debut of his new album, Texoma Shore

Shelton kicks his feet up on "At the House" and encourages you to do the same, opting out of a wild night out on the town for a low-key, yet enjoyable evening at his humble abode. All the country star needs for his perfect night in is his favorite girl, a Barry White record and a sky full of stars, and he's got all of that on "At the House."

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"Got a yellow back door / Porch party light / Got a sticker in the window playing Barry White / You and me out here swayin' / Star gazing' / Gonna bring you back in break the candles out / Get the mood turned on and the lights out," he croons in the chorus.

"'At the House' is, I think, part of the reason I decided to name the album Texoma Shore," Shelton says about the smooth track in a press release. "I was spending a lot of time this past summer out on Lake Texoma. There was one week in particular where it was just [girlfriend] Gwen [Stefani] and I out there just basically hanging out. We finally had some time off, so we went out on the water every day, went back up to the house every night and just had one of the greatest times of my life. We were listening to this song and relating to it and realizing, 'Man, this is one of those summers that we’re always going to remember.'"

"At the House" is in the same vein as "I'll Name the Dogs," making the listener appreciate a simple way of living in the form of a sweet song. "Dogs — the album's lead single — is currently in the Top 10 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart.

Shelton's Texoma Shore is set to drop on Nov. 3.

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