A video was recently published on YouTube claiming that some Bigfoot were caught on camera. You definitely have to check it out for yourself.

Bigfoot Caught On Camera Near Old Faithful

The person who filmed this video claimed that they caught several Bigfoot on camera. Bigfoots? Bigfeet? Bigfeets? Bigfootsies? Fine, several Sasquatches on camera roaming through some trees. Skip to the 2-minute mark to see them walking through the trees and one actually comes out into plain sight. I guess.

That Is A Lot OF Bison

There are a lot of bison in this video, they even look a little strange if you ask me. For a camera in the middle of nowhere, it is incredibly grainy. At a few points in the video, some of the bison actually look like they have trunks or something. Strange. But there are a lot of them.

There is Something Strange Going On Here

I had no idea that Bigfoot walked like that. They almost have a stereotypical zombie walk. I don't know how I thought Bigfoot walk, but it definitely wasn't that. And if you count the number of legs between the trees, it looks like about 5 more Bigfoots in the woods. I don't know where they went though. Why did only one come out?

All kidding aside, it is pretty obvious that it is photoshopped, and not well. But hey, it is entertaining! You can at least laugh about it. I don't know if Bigfoot exists. But I do know that this is definitely not a video of a real one walking around Old Faithful. However, I will say if they do exist, that is probably where they are.

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