We polled a sampling of parents and trick-or-treat-aged kids and devised an informal ranking of the five best neighborhoods in Twin Falls to go trick-or-treating.

First, a word about our polling

I cannot emphasize enough, the word 'informal' when referring to these rankings. There are plenty of stellar neighborhoods around Twin Falls that didn't make the top five that can hold their own against any from our list. I raised my kids in Twin Falls and we visited dang near every subdivision in Twin before they outgrew the holiday. All of them were fantastic. If your neighborhood isn't on this list, take it for what it's worth.

Some of our criteria

Our criteria for choosing the best treating neighborhoods in Twin boiled down to a couple of key components:

Safety: Things like wide streets, sidewalks, and well-lighted streets were some of the features noted when choosing the best neighborhoods. That’s the primary reason most of these neighborhoods are newer. And while they’re perfectly fine, legacy neighborhoods in Twin have narrow streets, more cars parked on roads, and fewer sidewalks, making them less ideal for pedestrians.

The Candy: We couldn’t do a poll about the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating without asking the kids about where to get the best candy and one of these neighborhoods, in particular, is legendary for passing out the best of treats.

Sunterra / Fieldstone

This is a great family neighborhood with great lighting, friendly neighbors, and not too far from good parking at a nearby church or school if you plan on ditching the car and walking with your kids.



Urban legend has it that a couple of houses in this neighborhood are notorious for handing out full-sized candy bars.


Northern Passage

This relatively newer Twin Falls subdivision packs a lot of houses, which means you’ll get a lot of candy in fewer steps


Neighboring Northern Passage, Settlers Ridge features great candy and some of the best Halloween decorations in town.

Morning Sun

Speaking of decorations, you’ll find some of the most creative Halloween decorations in the Morning Sun subdivision, along with friendly faces and good candy.

The good news is that whether you take your kids trick-or-treating in one of these neighborhoods or any other in Twin, you’re sure to have a great time.

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