I was driving by the Twin Falls City Park this afternoon and I saw the beginning of something magical. The workers were busy installing the Christmas light strands on the trees around the park.

Twin Falls City Park Christmas Lights

When I drove by the Twin Falls City Park, two of the trees had already been adorned with their new shiny Christmas dressings. One tree had colorful lights and the other was lit with just white lights.

2021 Christmas Tree Lights Being Installed At Twin Falls City Park

Installing the lights takes about one week, so they plan to be finished by Thanksgiving.

When Will All The Trees Have Christmas Lights At The Twin Falls City Park

I talked to the two men who were installing the lights and learned a few things that I didn't know or just hadn't noticed in previous years:

  • Installing the lights takes about one week, so they plan to be finished by Thanksgiving.
  • They only put Christmas lights on the pine trees.
  • They have to fix the lights often during the holiday season because squirrels chew on the wires.
  • It's getting harder each year to install the lights because the trees are getting so big.
  • I also learned that I could not do this job because I'm afraid of heights and there is no way I could go up in that bucket.
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Christmas In Twin Falls

While the lights go up on the trees in the Twin Falls City Park, the rest of the city is also preparing for Christmas activities. On the 'Welcome to Twin Falls' archway next to the city park the announcement screen has details on the upcoming Christmas Tree Lighting and the Magic Valley Chorale Christmas concert. Both of those events happen the first weekend of December.

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