Former Twin Falls Mayor Shawn Barigar has been named the Executive Director of the Twin Falls Urban Renewal Agency. Barigar was nominated by City Manager Travis Rothweiler.

The Twin Falls City Council officially approved the appointment of Barigar who has been influential in local politics for a long time. Barigar recently decided to leave the City Council, assuming to pursue this aspect of his career. That is not confirmed though.

The Twin Falls Urban Renewal Agency focuses on the finances, interests, and projects moving forward in Twin Falls. He will focus on how to keep economic sustainability and businesses in the area.

Barigar has experience as, not only the mayor for two terms but also the past CEO of the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce. Barigar is local, made a stint on KMVT as well and has been working closely in this community for years. Barigar is a native and knows Twin Falls as well as just about anyone.

He officially starts on October 11th.

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